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Most of your software needs can be met at reasonable cost by commercially available software packages, and we can help you find and select the one that's right for you. But from time to time you might need something that's just not available in the marketplace. Rather than the usual build-vs-buy decision, you are faced with a build-vs-do-without decision.

Sometimes the wisest choice is to do without, sometimes to build a custom application. We can help you make the right choice, evaluating whether the substantial cost of custom development is justified by the economic benefits derived.

If you choose to move ahead with custom development, we can help you there, as well.  We have done it a number of times before and have figured out the best way to proceed. Based on our years of experience, we use a software development framework that we use to guide all of our projects. We apply it methodically, carefully monitoring our progress to make sure that we stick to budgets and schedules. And we carefully measure our performance so that we are constantly improving our development process.