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A significant part of your strategy to maximize the return on your information technology investment should be to extend its use into new areas of your business, places where you might not even have thought about applying technology. Generally the most cost-effective way to implement this extension is through the acquisition of inexpensive commercially available software,  so-called "shrink-wrapped" packages. But such packages come in a wide variety of cost-and-capability combinations, and selecting just the right one for you might be a bit trickier than you first expect.

The evaluation, selection, installation, and configuration of software should not be a casual undertaking. By its nature, software is complex, and there are many opportunities to go wrong. This is one decision you want to get right, for you will have to live with it. If it doesn't fit just right, it will be very uncomfortable.

We have a great deal of experience with both developing and evaluating software products.  And we can even help you with the often messy problems of software installation and configuration.