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Starting from essentially nothing just a few years ago, electronic commerce – the selling of goods and services over the Internet – has mushroomed into a multi-billion dollar annual marketplace. And despite the general slowdown in the economy, electronic commerce will continue to grow dramatically.

While the most visible and dramatic electronic commerce Web sites belong to huge merchandisers, there is abundant opportunity for small and medium businesses to expand their markets over the Internet. A well designed Web site, properly wired into a database and payment application, can make you appear every bit as substantial as even the largest Web retailer. You can reach potentially huge markets to which you have never before had access.  You can utilize the customer's self service to reduce the cost of order entry, fulfillment, and reporting.

We have been developing electronic commerce applications since 1999. We understand the ins and outs of electronic commerce, like how to establish a payment gateway, how to build a shopping cart, and how to design and manage your database.