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    What We Do

    Technology Strategy
    Business Process Analysis
    Technology Assessment
    Software Evaluation
    Application Development
    Internet Strategy
    Web Site Visibility
    E-Commerce Development

    Web Site Design
    Web Site Development
    Web Site Maintenance
    Risk Management

    Virtual CTO

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    It all begins with strategic thinking´Ž»nt>

    • Where is the organization now?

    • Where does the organization want to be?  

    • How could changes to information technology enable the organization to get to where it wants to go, improve results, and reduce costs?

    • Where is technology in the organization now?

    • In light of the organization's financial and human resources, what technology solutions make sense?

    • How to implement technology solutions to go where we need to be?

    The costs of information technology have never been lower and the opportunities for mid-sized organizations to use it never better!  For example, the Internet is one such new technology that means the "death of distance". It is much more than just slick graphics, and it offers you great opportunities to increase the impact of your investment in information technology.

    But questions about the Internet and other  wonderful new technology solutions abound.   Am I getting the best use of my current investment?  Beyond all the hype, what new technology is ready to use in my organization?  What is affordable for me?  How much is it worth? What can my employees learn to take advantage of?  How can I use it to reach out and serve customers better? How can I use it to get to potential customers that have been beyond my reach before?  How can I use these technologies without compromising the security and integrity of my business?  How can I improve the efficiency of my business processes?

    We can help you address and answer these critical questions. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy plan to take full advantage of the opportunities that information technology presents for your organization. We can work with you to evaluate where the "gaps" are and how to fill them, and we can help you implement solutions.

    A good strategic plan should be "evergreen".  The plan should be refreshed periodically to reflect changes in your needs, priorities,  technologies,  and staff.   We will be there to help you as your organization grows. 

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