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The Internet is a powerful paradigm that has evolved from the convergence of telecommunications and computing. The Internet is much more than just the slick graphics of the World Wide Web, and it offers you almost unimaginable opportunities to increase the impact of your investment in information technology.

But questions about this wonderful new technology abound. How can you, and how should you take advantage of the Internet? How can you use it to reach out and serve your customers better? How can you use it to get to potential customers that have been beyond your reach before? How can you use the Internet as the backbone for your private network? How can you manage the visibility of your company on the Internet so that you are found and visited by the people you want to attract? How can you use the Internet without compromising the security and integrity of your business?

We can help you address and answer these critical questions. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to take full advantage of the opportunities that the Internet presents. We will help you identify your market and develop an appropriate marketing message. We will develop a plan for making your Web site highly visible among your target audience. And we will show you how to take advantage of the Internet's distributed nature to improve the efficiency of your internal systems. In the end we will produce a written strategy document that will be the foundation for the step by step design and development of your Internet presence.