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In recent years, technology has increased enormously in its complexity and importance. Technology is now central to the way many companies do business. To deal with this, most large companies have created the position of Chief Information Officer or Chief Technology Officer,  whose job is to get the most out of the firm’s investment in technology. This executive-level officer generally has years of experience and often an advanced degree in business.

Mid-sized businesses are no less dependent on technology, and they,  too, need effective technology management. They need a person with the same level of intelligence, education, and skill. But they don’t need and cannot afford to pay the going rate for a full-time CTO.

What can they do?

Let Us Be Your Virtual CTO.

One of the most effective things you can do is engage the services of a technology consultancy to serve as your Virtual Chief Technology Officer.  Working in close partnership, we can identify opportunities to utilize technology,  define and manage projects that take advantage of those opportunities, and coordinate the work of the staff whose skills will be needed.  We can help you make the best use of the technology you have in place, ensuring that you fully utilize what you have before you invest in additional technology.  We will give you the same high level of expertise that you could expect from a full-time CTO.  But we will provide that expertise, and you will pay for it, only on an as-needed basis. 

For more than 20 years, we have been assisting businesses get the most from their investment in technology.  We can help you as well.