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As the world changes and as markets change, your business will change. And your Web site should change, as well, to ensure that it continues to broadcast your desired message and keeps your visitors fully and accurately informed. Otherwise you risk your site's becoming as outdated as last year's Christmas catalog.

For a reasonable monthly fee, based on anticipated work volumes, we will perform all of the technical and administrative tasks required to keep your site fresh and up to date. We will create new graphic elements, as needed, edit and update existing pages, post new pages, maintain navigation links, and update database content. And we will make sure that all of your Web site assets are backed up, secured, and protected.

We offer this service to all clients for whom we design and develop Web sites. But also we can provide this service to new clients who already have a Web site and want to assert greater administrative control over it and make sure that it is always current. This service is just one more way that we help you get more back from your investment in information technology.